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The special health resort

Taking a spa treatment in Bad Nauheim means receiving medical care of the highest standard and enjoying a relaxing break from everyday life.

Healing spa & Kneipp health resort

Bad Nauheim is distinguished by the dual designation of "healing spa" and "Kneipp health resort". With the support of our local remedies and offers, you'll experience the ideal stay for recovery and relaxation.

A healing spa with a fresh sea breeze

As early as 1869, Bad Nauheim acquired the additional title of "Bad" in recognition of its status as a health and spa town, rising over the following decades to become a renowned healing spa for cardiovascular disorders.


The healing effect of Bad Nauheim's brine (salt-rich spring water), with its high content of natural carbon dioxide, trace elements and iron, is scientifically proven. Rising from a depth of 200 metres, the brine bursts impressively into the daylight in the Sprudelhof (fountain courtyard) in steaming and foaming fountains. Bad Nauheim brine can be used as a drinking cure, a bathing cure or for inhalation. The salty air is beneficial for the bronchial tubes, respiratory passages and skin. When walking along our open-air inhalation facilities - our blackthorn graduation towers - it feels like a holiday by the sea.


Kneipp health resort in the Taunus

With its Kneipp facilities, the spa town is one of the best-known healing spas in Hesse. Bad Nauheim has held the title of "Kneipp health resort" since 2011 and offers an outstanding service.


Kneipp's holistic teaching aims at a balanced lifestyle in harmony with fellow human beings and nature. We support this philosophy with our public facilities: There are various water-treading areas, arm bath facilities and even a Kneipp basin especially for children - because experience has shown that even the youngsters enjoy Kneipping. One of the most beautiful Kneipp facilities in the Taunus is the Health Garden at Gradierbau (graduation tower) II: wade through the spacious Kneipp basin or plunge your arms into the stone arm bath. A sensory experience is the herb garden, where various medicinal plants grow. You can get physically active at the exercise points and on the fitness trail.


If you are interested in a Kneipp holiday or a Kneipp cure, local spa doctors, clinics and the Kneipp association offer advanced and individually tailored programmes and treatments.

Kneipp health resort

In Bad Nauheim, you can experience the entire range of Kneipp treatments.

The five elements of the Kneipp philosophy

Kneipp's therapy goes back to Pastor Sebastian Kneipp, who lived and worked in the 19th century. His comprehensive teaching is based on five "pillars": water, exercise , nutrition, plants and balance.

Plants For every ailment, there is a herbal remedy. With teas, ointments or bath additives, medicinal plants have a beneficial effect on your health.
Exercise Moderate exercise against stress promises a new body awareness and physical fitness.
Balance Recharging your batteries and enjoying life are the foundation of inner balance. After "going full throttle", rest and downtime are important counterbalances.
Nutrition You can eat whatever you like! Just pay attention to balanced and natural meals and snacks.
water Alternating between warm and cold water has a healing and preventative effect on the body.

kneipp offers

Kneipp facilities The Kneipp basins in the Health Garden at graduation tower I and Schwalheim are open from April to October.
Kneipp traffic lights Bad Nauheim has the first Kneipp traffic lights in Germany. At the intersection of Zanderstraße and Eleonorenring, right next to St Boniface's Church, Sebastian Kneipp guides pedestrians across the road.

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