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Your path to regeneration

You're looking to improve your health or recover from an illness? Then apply for outpatient bathing treatment in Bad Nauheim.

Outpatient bathing treatments

Outpatient bathing treatment is aimed at maintaining health or supporting recovery. Here, you will find information on the effects, procedure and application for the treatment.

Brine baths in the spa town of Bad Nauheim

If you've ever taken a brine tub bath, you'll know how soothing it is. During outpatient bathing treatment in Bad Nauheim in the Taunus, you will typically enjoy multiple sessions of these saltwater baths. They have a proven health-promoting effect, protect against illness, alleviate and prevent the worsening of complaints or heal existing ailments. The baths can also improve circulation, strengthen the cardiovascular system and help with sleep disorders, allergies, skin conditions or kidney and bladder complaints.

Bathing treatments have been practised in Bad Nauheim since the 19th century. The first bathhouse with nine tubs was built in 1835 on the site of today's Dankeskirche (Thanksgiving Church).

Applying for outpatient bathing treatment

You can benefit from outpatient bathing treatment in Bad Nauheim as a self-payer or by applying to your health insurance company. Before submitting an application to your insurer, the medical necessity of the treatment must be confirmed by your general practitioner. Following approval, you can select the clinic providing treatment and your accommodation yourself. After you arrive in Bad Nauheim, a personalised therapy plan will be put together. More detailed information is available further down.


If you have any questions, including about applying for outpatient bathing treatment, we are happy to help.

Brine baths

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Brine baths are typically central to outpatient bathing treatment in Bad Nauheim. In the physiotherapy practice “Ars Vitae” run by Eva Bertels, you can take advantage of these as part of a bathing treatment as a preventive measure.

What you need to do:

After applying for outpatient bathing treatment and receiving approval, contact the Ärztehaus am Park in Bad Nauheim to coordinate your individual therapy plan.

Ärztehaus am Park

Küchlerstraße 6
61231 Bad Nauheim

Ars Vitae

Institut für Physiotherapie und Gesundheitstraining
Nördlicher Park 4 (Badehaus 4 / Sprudelhof)
61231 Bad Nauheim

Outpatient bathing treatments in Bad Nauheim's hospitals


Kurstraße 41-45
61231 Bad Nauheim
Terminplanung ambulante Badekur: +49 (0) 6032 944-628 oder -629


Am Kaiserberg 2 - 4
61231 Bad Nauheim
Terminplanung ambulante Badekur: +49 (0) 6032 941-405

How to receive outpatient bathing treatment

1. Submit an application

Make an appointment with your doctor, who will determine the medical necessity of a spa treatment and submit an application for "Initiation of outpatient preventive treatment in recognised health resorts in accordance with §23 Para. 2 SGB V" with you.

Tip: wait for the approval notice if you wish to claim social insurance benefits. If the application is rejected, you can appeal. You have the right to choose the spa resort.

2. Who pays for the therapy?

Once the medical necessity has been established, the costs are covered proportionately by the relevant funding bodies. Statutory health insurance covers the costs of medical treatment and 90% of the spa treatment costs. The remaining expenses (e.g. accommodation, meals, travel fees, visitor's tax) are subsidised by most health insurance companies up to a maximum of 16 euros. A health resort stay at your own expense is possible at any time.

3. Where can you apply for a spa treatment?

  • For employees subject to social security contributions, pensioners, homemakers and children who are insured themselves or as family members: your statutory health insurance (GKV)
  • For employees with pension insurance: German Pension Insurance (DRV)
  • For civil service employees: Beihilfestelle (civil service aid department) 
  • For spa therapies following an accident at work: accident insurance (UV) and employers' liability insurance association (BG)

4. When does it begin?

If your application is approved by one of the above-mentioned authorities, you should start your spa treatment within four months, otherwise, your entitlement will expire.

5. Appointment with the spa doctor in the health resort

Before your arrival, schedule an appointment with a spa doctor in Bad Nauheim to determine your individual treatment plan. During your stay, the spa doctor will conduct an initial, intermediate and final examination.

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