Band spielt auf einer mit bunten Spotlights ausgeleuchteten Bühne vor Publikum. | © BNST GmbH

Pure experience

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Festivals & events

Pure experience - words that perfectly describe the festivals, celebrations and events in Bad Nauheim.

The major festivals and celebrations transform the spa town into a unique venue every time. The European Elvis Festival, for example, turns it into the stage of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, while the Art Nouveau festival revives the Belle Époque era. The biennial Rose Festival puts the spotlight on the small suburb of Steinfurth, Germany's oldest rose village, and enchants visitors with the queen of flowers.


Besides the numerous different event highlights that take place in Bad Nauheim every year, it is also the unique atmosphere in the town's various venues that turns these offers into an experience.

Festivals & cultural events

We celebrate Elvis, roses, art nouveau and much more.

Abendveranstaltung in der Trinkkuranlage: Eine fünfköpfige Band spielt in der Konzertmuschel vor Publikum. Scheinwerfer und Pyrotechnik hüllen die Bühne in bunte Lichter, im Hintergrund ist eine große Leinwand mit Elvis Presley zu sehen. | © BNST GmbH

European Elvis Festival

 A tribute to the legendary superstar: Bad Nauheim hosts the “European Elvis Festival” every year. From 16 to 18 August 2024, rock 'n' roll will once again become the spirit of life and the sound of the entire town.
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© Michael Hauler 31 May & 1 June 2024 / Trinkkuranlage (drinking dure salon) Freiraumfestival (free space festival) This youth cultural festival showcases young regional artists from the fields of music, photography, painting, film, theatre and poetry slam. Workshops invite participants to explore and learn something new. Refreshments are also available thanks to a variety of food stalls. Admission is free.
7 to 9 Juni 2024 / Trinkkuranlage (drinking dure salon) Bad Nauheim plays Hessen's largest summer game festival invites people of all generations to a weekend of board games, large-scale games, tournaments, outdoor activities and a children's programme. Refreshments are provided and admission is free. Visitors can choose from over 1,000 classics and new releases throughout the event and borrow games for free. Game explainers circulate to provide information on the rules.
30 June 2024 / Trinkkuranlage (drinking dure salon) International festival Enjoy international music and dance performances, talk to people of many different nationalities, and try a wide variety of dishes at the stalls of groups and associations from around the world. The festival is organised by the International Club Bad Nauheim in cooperation with the Bad Nauheim Music School, together with many other associations.
© © by Winfried Eberhardt 31 August 2024 / Trinkkuranlage (drinking dure salon) Spring water thanksgiving celebration "BORN FROM THE DEPTHS AT GOD'S BEHEST, CHOSEN TO ALLEVIATE PEOPLE'S DISTRESS". These words, carved as a dedication into the fountain created by Heinrich Jobst in 1911, can still be read – in German – today. The citizens of Bad Nauheim have always regarded the gushing element as a "gift of grace from God". In gratitude, the town has celebrated the spring water thanksgiving celebration with illuminations, music and speeches for over 150 years, commemorating the re-emergence of the healing spring in 1855.
© © by Winfried Eberhardt 3 to 8 October 2024 / Old Town Bad Nauheim fair On the first weekend in October, Bad Nauheim's old town comes alive with shooting galleries, lottery stalls, merry-go-rounds and bumper cars, kidney skewers and candy floss. The fair has its own unique charm with a mix of colourful entertainment and traditional events right in the heart of the town. On Sunday, the shops in the town centre also open for business. Because many parish fairs have long since moved from town and village centres to large squares on the outskirts, Bad Nauheim's street fair remains highly popular far beyond its borders.
© © by Winfried Eberhardt 13 October 2024 / River valley between Bad Nauheim & Friedberg Kite festival The kite festival attracts young and old. Thousands of visitors gather every year on the valley meadows between Bad Nauheim and Friedberg to fly their kites or admire others. Those without a kite can buy one on site or make their own at the Family Office stand. Additional games, painting and handicrafts for children are available. Local clubs provide delicious food and drinks at reasonable prices. Admission is free and no registration is required. All visitors are requested to use public transport. We recommend parking at the Usa Wave Pool or Burgfeld car parks for those who still come by car.

Additional event highlights

27 & 28 April 2024 / town centre Art & garden market At the end of April, Bad Nauheim's centre is transformed into a sea of art and flowers. Numerous market stalls in the pedestrian zone and culinary delights invite visitors to stroll around and shop. The exhibitors offer flowers, herbs, fruit trees, handicrafts, garden accessories and spring decorations. The lively hustle and bustle extends from the edge of the spa gardens to the pedestrian zone. On Sunday, shops are open from noon to 6 p.m.
25 May 2024 / Trinkkuranlage (drinking dure salon) Kneipp health day Visitors can experience a diverse programme centred around the five pillars of Sebastian Kneipp's holistic teachings. The beneficial effects of medicinal herbs, balanced nutrition, water, exercise and a meaningful life balance are vividly conveyed in lectures and activities.
30 November 2024 / town centre Bad nauheim lit up There is no time pressure when shopping on this Saturday, as the stores are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Christmas light figures enchant their audience in the festively lit town centre while market stalls offer delicious treats.
© Anja Epkes 13 to 15 December 2024 / Trinkkuranlage (drinking dure salon) Christmas market In the beautiful Art Nouveau building of the Trinkkuranlage (drinking cure salon), rustic wooden huts with a varied range of lovingly made arts and crafts, mulled wine and sweet Christmas treats get you in the mood for the upcoming Christmas festivities. Bad Nauheim choirs and music groups create an atmospheric mood with their singing.

Steinfurth Rose Days

At the peak of the rose blossom in June, Bad Nauheim's district of Steinfurth celebrates the queen of flowers in every odd-numbered year. Explore a wide range of rose-related offers at Steinfurth's rose nurseries and rose museum. Experience workshops and lectures, join guided tours, or simply enjoy a day surrounded by blooming gardens, music and rosy treats and delicacies. The Steinfurth Rose Days takes place in June 2025.
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Tourist Information

Information material, ticket sales or guided tours - the Tourist Information Bad Nauheim offers a wide range of services and is open seven days a week.
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