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Discover Bad Nauheim in pictures and videos.

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Here you will find visitors' personal "Bad Nauheim moments", insider tips and live pictures from the city.


Great views, intoxicating moods and interesting perspectives: under #discoveryourbadnauheim (in german: #entdeckedeinbadnauheim), Bad Nauheim's citizens and visitors show their favourite places and special moments. You can also share your personal moments and favourite places in our city with us on the social networks! 

Bad Nauheim is a wonderful place to live and work, but also for a holiday or excursion. And this is what we want to show everyone - with our video series #entdeckedeinbadnauheim. Each of the 14 clips was shot at different places and shows the feeling of life in the city.

The filmmakers Vladimir Scheiermann and Sascha Kuznia and many motivated new actors from Bad Nauheim supported us during the shooting.

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Have a look at Bad Nauheim and the local weather! Six webcams at central locations show you live pictures of the city.
Unfortunately the webcam " Firefighter Tower" does not provide current pictures at the moment, we are in contact with the operator.


with view axis Bahnhofsallee-Sprudelhof-Johannisberg

Webcam Bahnhof

Aktualisierung alle 30 Sekunden


with view over the roofs of Bad Nauheim

Webcam Johannisberg

Aktualisierung alle 5 Minuten

fountain courtyard

with a view of the big sparkling water

Webcam Sprudelhof

Aktualisierung alle 5 Minuten

Firefighter Tower

with view to the graduation buildings IV and V

Webcam Feuerwehrturm

Aktualisierung nach 1 Minute

POND HOUSE in the spa garden I

overlooking the pond

Webcam Teichhaus

Aktualisierung nach 1 Minute

POND HOUSE in the spa garden I

overlooking the pond

Webcam Teichhaus

Aktualisierung nach 1 Minute


Webcam Station
by courtesy of the Eisenbahnfreunde Wetterau e. V. (initiated by the lLocal Agenda 21 - Initiative „Crowdfunding“)

Webcam Johannisberg
by courtesy of the Cafe • Restaurant • Hotel Johannisberg and the FP-media

Webcam Fountain courtyard
by courtesy of the Stiftung Sprudelhof

Webcam Firefighter tower
by courtesy of the Internetverein Bad Nauheim e. V.

Webcam Pond house
by courtesy of  the Teichhaus Bad Nauheim GmbH – Café, Restaurant, Bar, Biergarten, Events and the Internetverein Bad Nauheim e. V.