Abendstimmung im Sprudelhof

Welcome to the City of Health

Whether healing mineral springs, fascinating art nouveau architecture, green oases or active leisure activities - in Bad Nauheim everyone can find their own personal spa town experience.

Bad Nauheim at a Glance

From the eruption of the great fountain to the adventure city.

A remarkable night in 1846 should change the history of the former salt village forever. The so called "Christmas miracle" was the beginning to make Bad Nauheim into the eventful spa town we know today.


It was the night from 21 to 22 of December, just before Christmas. The night watchman made his walk through the city. Nobody but him was on his way that night due to a terrible storm that shook the earth. On his nightly inspection walk he came along the small river Usa - and was extremely surprised.


He passed a field where years before drillings had been made to transport highly concentrated mineral springs to the surface. The efforts were unsuccessful. The shaft was covered with beams and earth and fell into oblivion. But on this day the night watchman could not believe his eyes: a powerful stream of the mineral spring erupted through the earth.


The "Christmas miracle" was the beginning of Bad Nauheim's development from a salter village to a modern heart spa. The power of the springs and their importance can still be felt everywhere in the city today and especially in one place: In the fountain courtyard called "Sprudelhof", the town's landmark. Two imposing mineral spring fountains are located in the central which is surrounded by bath houses where numerous spa guests once took a bath. Every year in August, the people of Bad Nauheim celebrate the traditional "Quellendank" in the fountain courtyard, with which they honour their healing springs.  


Anyone who gets to know the spa town on the edge of the Taunus mountains will fall for its cosy charm and vivid atmosphere. Take a deep breath at the graduation buildings, hike along exciting themed routes, discover blossoming parkland, enjoy Hessian specialities, romp with the family in the wave pool or be inspired by the variety of festivals, concerts and cabaret - all this can be experienced in Bad Nauheim!

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With a well-developed path network Bad Nauheim is the perfect place for cycling, hiking and walking. Choose between two and 20 kilometres routes, field and forest paths, easy and difficult tours.


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Our variety of events extends from concerts, cabaret and readings to exhibitions and adventure tours as well as folk festivals and other festivals. Nothing is left to be wanted- see for yourself!

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Bad Nauheim has many places that are worth seeing. There is architecture, art and culture, flourishing park landscapes, great viewpoints and much more. Embark on a journey of discovery and let yourself be surprised.


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Adventure tours

Travel into the past and get to know historical personalities and the history of the city.


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