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Bad Nauheim has an economic and purchasing power potential that lies above the state average.


With around 32.000 inhabitants Bad Nauheim is a highly productive business location. This is mainly due to the service sector, including medical treatments and areas of medical technologies as well as specialized areas of health science and new media.

The city is a leader in the fields of cardiology, rheumatology and sports medicine. The Kerckhoff-Clinic which is considered one of the world’s leading clinics for heart diseases, is located here as well. 85% of Bad Nauheim’s inhabitants work in the service sector which includes not only health services but also jobs in the transportation sector, the hotel trade, catering and retail.

Logistically well integrated into existing infrastructures, the location of Bad Nauheim has many advantages. In the north of the Rhine-Main-Region and on the edge of the Taunus mountain range – between Frankfurt and Gießen, there is direct access to the A5 motorway. In addition to good long-distance connections there are also various regional connections of the “Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund” (Rhine-Main-Transport-Association) and well developed bus routes within the city and its suburbs.


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