Thermalbecken mit sprudelnder Fontäne. Um das Becken stehen Liegen. | © Sprudelhof Therme

Sprudelhof thermal spa

Bathe in wellness!

Sprudelhof thermal spa

A modern wellness paradise.

Bad Nauheim's new Sprudelhof thermal spa opened its doors in December 2023. The modern wellness paradise of over 800 m2, harmoniously integrated into the historical setting of the Sprudelhof, promises relaxation all round. Unique Bad Nauheim brine is the star of the spa and features in the brine pools and bathing ritual. From autumn 2024, bathhouse 2 of the historic Sprudelhof plans to expand the wellness and sauna area. Additional relaxation sources will soon await you for an unforgettable break.

Brine Bath and bathing ritual

Thermal bathing is ideal for reducing stress, relaxing the muscles and enhancing general well-being. The thermal water can fully unfold its positive effects through repeated alternation of hot and cold. Experience the soothing power of the local healing waters, long known for their health-promoting properties, during a bath at the Sprudelhof thermal spa.

In addition to an intensive brine and thermal pool, there are also effervescent, exercise and several hot and cold pools. In the outdoor area, a spacious swimming pool and a warm outdoor pool await you.

The sauna area of the thermal spa, with its extraordinary garden right next to the impressive Art Nouveau ensemble of Bad Nauheim, also promises pure relaxation. In addition to a herbal and panoramic sauna, guests can look forward to the magical ambience of the tower sauna, unique to the Bad Nauheim Sprudelhof thermal spa.

The "Bad Nauheim bathing ritual" is a carefully thought-out blend of relaxation and invigoration, combining various treatments: salt mud applications, steam bath, rain shower, massage with rose oil and resting phases, as well as a footbath and warmth in the hot air chamber – unparalleled bliss for body, mind and soul.

Ein Mann und eine Frau baden in einem Thermalbecken. | © Sprudelhof Therme

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