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19 to 21 July 2024

Rose magic in Steinfurth

Every two years in July, the rose village of Steinfurth celebrates its unique Rose Festival.

Steinfurth Rose Festival

The queen of flowers is honoured at the Rose Festival in Steinfurth. The rose parade with decorated floats and the rose market are the highlights. The next Rose Festival will take place from 19 to 21 July 2024.

There are a number of rose festivals in Germany, but the Rose Festival in Steinfurth is one of the most popular: every two years, around 40,000 people follow the scent and pay a visit to Germany's oldest rose village.

Rose parade in Steinfurth

The rose market in the picturesque village centre invites visitors to browse while rose nurseries provide insights into their work. More than 100,000 roses in all colours, shapes and fragrances can be admired at the rose show. The rose parade, with magnificently decorated floats, is the highlight of the Rose Festival.

Steinfurth Rose Festival – a folk celebration with a long tradition

Steinfurth is the oldest and largest German rose village. Around 1868, the Schultheis brothers began professional rose cultivation in Steinfurth after Heinrich Schultheis learned it in England. Since 1970, the Rose Festival with a grand rose parade has been held every even-numbered year. The enchanting scent of roses fills the air, making a stroll through the rose village a sensory experience. We look forward to welcoming you to Steinfurth's Rose Festival!

Festival highlights

Here's what you can experience at the Steinfurth Rose Festival.

rose parade

Undoubtedly the highlight of every Rose Festival! Decorated with countless rose petals, the colourful floats and marching groups make their way through Steinfurth with thousands of spectators cheering them on. Get ready for the colourful procession and the festive atmosphere throughout Steinfurth!
Rose show Marvel at the rose in its many variations, colours, shapes and as decorative arrangements.
rose church Looking for a quiet spot amid the hustle and bustle of the Rose Festival? Then the Rose church, subtly adorned with roses, provides the perfect retreat.
Rose tent Bands create a lively atmosphere in the festival tent. You can also fortify yourself here for further exploration of the Rose Festival. A colourful amusement park with rides and numerous stalls is located on the Steinfurth festival square.

Impressions rose parade

Steinfurth Rose Queen

For the duration of her "reign", the Rose Queen represents the rose and Bad Nauheim's rose village Steinfurth.

Rosenkönigin Nikola Pfeiffer im Rosengarten mit den beiden Rosenprinzessinnen. Die Königin trägt ein rotes Ballkleid, hochgesteckte Haare, eine silberne Krone auf dem Kopf und hat einen Rosenstrauß in der Hand; die Prinzessinnen tragen weiße Kleider und rosafarbene Rosenkränze im Haar. | © BNST GmbH

The Rose Queen represents the rose, the rose village of Steinfurth as the largest contiguous rose-growing area in the heart of Germany, and the spa town of Bad Nauheim throughout her reign. She can be encountered at numerous public appearances.

Nicola Pfeiffer is currently the 47th Rose Queen of Steinfurth, supported by her princesses, Julia Schultheis (right in the picture) and Hannah Thielmann.

Evet organisation

The Steinfurth Rose Festival is organised by the Department of Culture and Sport of the City of Bad Nauheim.

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