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Steinfurth is a district of Bad Nauheim and is located about 4 km from the city centre. You can reach the Rose Village by car, by bus from Bad Nauheim or on foot.

Visit the oldest Rose Village in Germany

The rose has been a symbol of beauty and love for more than 2,000 years. Since the 19th century, rose growing has been a dominant feature of the townscape of Steinfurth, the oldest rose village in Germany.

From his travels through England, Heinrich Schultheis brought the skill of rose-growing with him in 1868 and thus changed his home village, in whose tradition more than 2 million roses are still produced annually today. The large rose fields turn the abstract number into a vivid picture. The most diverse colours and shapes are found close together.


For centuries the beauty has fascinated by the harmonious shape of its flowers and colours. The decisive perception happens with the nose! As soon as the sense of smell penetrates into the depths of the rose, feelings or memories are triggered. For thousands of years, a fragrant bouquet of roses has rightly been regarded as an expressive symbol of a declaration of love. However, the queen of flowers is not only beautiful, she also has a positive effect on well-being: Invigorating in case of exhaustion and calming in case of stress.


For anyone who has visited Steinfurth, the rose is no longer just a flower like many others. It is a work of art, a cultural asset, an experience of nature, a symbol of beauty - in short: a world of its own!

Visit the rose show gardens

A "Rosenchaussee", which blooms magnificently in summer, will guide you stylishly to the Steinfurth district. Even more than 150 years after the foundation of the first rose farm, large farms still exist in Steinfurth. In summer, when everything is in full bloom and a wonderful scent of roses is in the air, a visit to the Steinfurth show gardens is particularly worthwhile.

The rose farms

In Steinfurth there are still numerous rose companies that send the queen of flowers all over the world. We would like to introduce you to the four large companies that have a rose show garden. In all companies you can marvel at the splendour of roses in their own café.

Rose School Schultheis The Schultheis Rose School is the oldest rose school in Germany. In the natural show garden you can even observe peacocks.
Rosenunion At Rosenunion you can admire over 500 different varieties of roses in the show and sales greenhouse and in the rose show garden.
RosenPark Dräger The largest supplier of stem roses in Germany is RosenPark Dräger. When the more than 10,000 plants in the park bloom, a wonderful scent is in the air.
Rose School Ruf The Ruf biological rose school with its romantic garden also offers rose cooking courses. Here you can make specialities like rose sugar yourself.

Experience roses

Steinfurth Rose Days When the rose gardens are in full bloom, shining in rich colours and exuding their seductive scent, the Steinfurth rose farms open their doors in all odd years. You can expect culinary rose delights, expert lectures and other attractions.

Rose museum

The unique Rose Museum presents the art and cultural history of the rose and shows why it is a symbol of femininity, love, beauty, transience and secrecy. Here you can learn how roses are cultivated, admire porcelains, books and art dedicated to the rose or visit one of the many events.
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