Purging with herring and licorice

Try three of the five Bad Nauheim healing waters at the source serving and feel their effect.

Source Serving in the Drinking Cure Complex

The impressive ambience in the drinking cure facility pays tribute to the healing effect of Bad Nauheim's medicinal water.
The source serving remains permanently closed due to renovation work.

In the centre of the building there is a fountain bar crowned by a golden dome. The healing waters of the spa, Charles and Ludwig fountains can be tasted here during opening hours. The healing waters are so-called sodium-chloride acidulous waters, which counteract discomfort of the digestive organs, stimulate digestion and metabolism and promote health. The springs differ in composition and dosage.

"The water tastes like herring with liquorice", Erich Kästner already wrote about the Bad Nauheim drinking springs. Whether the famous writer was right can be decided quite simply by visiting the spring bar.