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You would like to support your health or recover from an illness? Then apply for an outpatient spa treatment in Bad Nauheim.

Ambulant Spa Treatment

The cure ("outpatient preventive measure") serves to maintain health and supports recovery. We show you what you need to do for your cure.

The outpatient preventive health care or spa treatment helps you in many ways. It provides preventive protection against illnesses, alleviates illnesses and prevents their aggravation or cures existing illnesses.

After you have applied for an outpatient spa treatment with your family doctor, you choose the clinic and your accommodation yourself. During your stay with us, you will be professionally cared for by a local spa doctor and receive an individual treatment plan. Outpatient spa treatments are also possible directly in the clinics.

Brine baths

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As part of an outpatient spa treatment as a preventive measure, brine baths are dispensed in Bad Nauheim. You can make use of them in the physiotherapy practice "Ars Vitae" of Eva Bertels.

What you have to do:

Once you have applied for the outpatient spa treatment and received your approval, you report to the Ärztehaus am Park in Bad Nauheim to arrange your individual therapy plan.

Ärztehaus am Park

Küchlerstraße 6
61231 Bad Nauheim

ambulant bathing cures in bad nauheim clinics


Kurstraße 41-45
61231 Bad Nauheim

MEDIAN Kaiserberg-Klinik GmbH & Co. KG

Am Kaiserberg 8 - 10
61231 Bad Nauheim


Benekestraße 2 - 8
61231 Bad Nauheim

MEDIAN Klinik am Südpark GmbH & Co. KG

Zanderstraße 26
61231 Bad Nauheim

Park-Klinik GmbH & Co. KG

Am Kaiserberg 2 - 4
61231 Bad Nauheim

How to receive an outpatient spa treatment

1. Make an application

Make an appointment with your doctor, who will determine the medical necessity of a cure and, together with you, submit an application for "Suggestion of outpatient preventive care in recognised health resorts in accordance with §23 Para. 2 SGB V".

Tip: Wait for the notice of approval if you wish to claim benefits from the social insurance institutions. If the application is rejected, an appeal can be lodged. When choosing a health resort, there is a right of wish and choice.

2. Who pays for the cure?

Once the medical necessity of a cure has been established, the costs will be covered proportionally by the responsible cost units. The statutory health insurance covers the costs of medical treatment as well as 90 percent of the costs of the cure. The remaining costs (e.g. accommodation, meals, travel costs, visitor's tax) are subsidised by most health insurance companies at a flat rate of maximum 16 euros. You can stay at the spa at any time at your own expense.

3. Where is a cure requested?

  • For employees subject to social insurance contributions, pensioners, housewives and children who are co-insured themselves or as family members: Your statutory health insurance (GKV) 
  • For employees with pension insurance: Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV)
  • For members of the public service: aid office
  • For cure measures after an accident at work: Accident insurance (UV) and employers' liability insurance association (BG)

4. When does it start?

If the application is approved by one of the above-mentioned authorities, you should start the cure within the next four months, otherwise your entitlement to it expires.

5. appointment with the spa doctor at the health resort

Make an appointment with a Bad Nauheim spa doctor before your arrival to determine your individual treatment plan. During your stay there will be an initial, intermediate and final examination by the spa physician.

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