Health is our strength

We look back on 150 years of experience in the health sector. We are particularly distinguished by the local remedies, our spa facilities and modern treatment methods.

City of Health

Tradition, experience, research - on the basis of these three core competencies, Bad Nauheim has developed into a top medical location since the 19th century.

Once the European high nobility stayed in Bad Nauheim. Crowned heads such as the Austrian Empress Elisabeth, the German Empress Auguste Viktoria or the Russian Tsarina Alexandra Feodorowna came to take the cure, as did politicians, intellectuals and other celebrities. Doctors and patients far beyond the borders of Europe had heard that especially cardiac patients regained their strength by bathing in the water of the mineral springs containing salt and carbon dioxide. In 1869 the Söderdorf Nauheim was awarded the title "Bad" and Bad Nauheim became world famous as a renowned spa for heart and circulatory diseases. The half-timbered bathhouses were no longer quite right - they were too small and technically outdated. Today they are replaced by the Sprudelhof, Bad Nauheim's landmark and greatest treasure. Meanwhile our guests experience healing in another place: 13 ultra-modern clinics, renowned doctors and important scientific institutions such as the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research take care of patients' health.


The beautiful spa facilities of the aristocratic heads still characterize our townscape today. They are wonderful places for recreation. Take a walk through our spa park, taste the healing waters in the spring bar of the drinking cure facility, drink a coffee in the Sprudelhof or breathe healthy air at the graduation buildings. By the way, the healing water has not lost its effect over the years. A bath in the warm thermal brine relaxes and stimulates the immune system.


Spas and health resorts are centres of competence for your health. The special thing about them: Natural remedies of the soil, water or climate and traditional healing methods are used here. In addition, the places offer attractive landscapes and clean air, a wide range of leisure activities, selected art and cultural offerings, the possibilities of a varied healthy diet and an appropriate infrastructure. Whether with or without a recipe, alone or with the whole family - here you can do something for your health according to your needs.

Bad Nauheim is one of the top health resorts in Germany, according to the magazine Focus. The health city convinces with medical competence in combination with a good infrastructure and varied leisure activities.

places of recreation & spa facilities

It is often the small moments in life that bring us relaxation. Special places that you will find in Bad Nauheim help us to do this. The spa facilities can become these places.
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