Time travel into the Belle Epoque

Once a year the blossom of the former world spa comes to life again when Bad Nauheim celebrates its Art Nouveau heritage.

Art Nouveau Festival

The next Art Nouveau Festival will take place from 10 to 12 September 2021.

Enter the glorious time around 1900! At the three-day Art Nouveau festival you can enjoy clothing, music, dance, sports and games in the historical ambience of the fountain courtyard (Sprudelhof) just as they were in those days.

The large restorers' and arts and crafts market is part of the fixed supporting programme. Everyone can find a nice souvenir here - the exhibitors offer lamps, mirrors, porcelain, fashion, jewellery, glass and ceramic art as well as special stationery from the time around 1900. The restorers show their craftsmanship and work on wallpaper, furniture and pictures in front of everyone.

Absolutely worth seeing and open during the festival are the originally preserved bathhouses in the fountain courtyard (Sprudelhof), which impress with their nostalgic bathing cells and ornate courtyards.


The fashion group of the Art Nouveau Association has made it its business to revive the time around 1900. During the festival, they stroll through the fountain courtyard (Sprudelhof) in costumes, some original, some based on historical models, and give the place an authentic flair - the ideal photo motif!

what to expect

concerts and dance Be fascinated by the choreographies of the dance groups of the Alternative Dance Club e. V. Various concerts with music from the Art Nouveau period and performances by regional choirs will make the fountain courtyard (Sprudelhof) ring out.
RESTORERS- & CRAFTSMEN MARKET Look over the shoulder of the restorers and see the care with which wallpaper, furniture and paintings are restored. Or stroll through the wonderful handicraft market.
bathhouses During the festival the bathhouses of the Sprudelhof are open for public. With its richly ornamented waiting rooms and ornamental courtyards, each is a small architectural masterpiece of Bad Nauheim Art Nouveau. Come in and discover one jewel after the other: Ceramic masks, colourful mosaics, lively fountains with putti, mermaids and sea animals, noble stained glass windows and much more.
historical bikes See the art of high wheel cycling and other historical bicycles from the Art Nouveau period. If you want, you can try out riding the bikes yourself.
Sunday open for business The association Erlebnis Bad Nauheim e. V. invites you to a stroll through the city centre on the Sunday of the festival. Besides the open shops there is a gastronomic offer.


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