The special health resort

Cures in Bad Nauheim - that means on the one hand medical care of the highest standards and on the other hand a relaxing break from everyday life.

Spa Town & Kneipp Spa

Tested and awarded two distinctions, the health city is a top health resort.

Spa Town

In Bad Nauheim, waters of the best quality and particularly rich in minerals bubble up. At the interface between Taunus and Wetterau, our brine (salty water) rises from a depth of over 200 metres. It is rich in trace elements, natural carbon dioxide and iron. On the way up, more and more bubbles of carbonic acid bubble out of the brine, until they finally come to light in the Sprudelhof, steaming and foaming in bubbling fountains.


Even the Söder family recognized the healing power of the Nauheim springs. In 1835 the first "Sool-Badeanstalt" opened, in 1854 the town received its town charter and 15 years later the name "Bad". In the following decades Bad Nauheim became a renowned spa for heart and circulatory diseases. The Bad Nauheim brine can be used as a drinking cure, for inhaling at the graduation buildings or for baths.

kneipp Spa

Kneipp's holistic teaching aims at a balanced way of life in harmony with fellow human beings and nature. Bad Nauheim supports this philosophy with its facilities and offers and since 2011 has been awarded the title "Kneipp spa". Bad Nauheim has numerous water treading areas and arm bath facilities as well as a Kneipp pool, which is especially designed for children. There are many opportunities for exercise in the green health city with its extensive parks. In the interactive health garden with exercise stations and fitness trail, a herb garden has been created in which medicinal plants grow. And the historic spa facilities are wonderful oases for relaxation and recharging your batteries. After "going full throttle" in everyday life, rest and time out is an important compensation.

the five pillars of kneipp theory

The Kneipp therapy goes back to pastor Sebastian Kneipp, who lived and worked in the 19th century. His holistic teaching is based on five "pillars": water, exercise, nutrition, medicinal plants and life order.

Nature works in herbs There's an herb for every disease. With teas, ointments or bath additives, medicinal plants have a beneficial effect on your health.
Life on the move Moderate movement against stress and hectic promises a new body feeling and physical fitness.
Inner Balance Filling up with strength and having joy of life are the basis of inner balance. After "full throttle", rest and time out are an important compensation.
HEALTH AND ENJOYMENT Everything can be eaten! Pay attention to balanced and natural meals and snacks.
water power The change between warm and cold water has a healing and preventive effect on the body.

kneipp premium class

Bad Nauheim belongs to the select group of Kneipp Premium Class locations. The seal awarded by the Association of German Kneipp spas and Kneipp health resorts is given to Kneipp health resorts or Kneipp spas that stand out for their innovative Kneipp offers and outstanding service.

kneipp offers

Kneippverein Bad Nauheim-Friedberg-Bad Salzhausen e.V.

Nördlicher Park 6 / Postfach 1573
61215 Bad Nauheim

To lead a healthy life in harmony with nature and in this way actively prevent and find healing. The members of the Kneipp Association have dedicated themselves to this motto. They actively live the 5 pillars of the Kneipp teachings and are committed to imparting knowledge about Kneipp as well as to expanding the associated offerings in Bad Nauheim.

MEDIAN Klinik am Südpark

Zanderstraße 26
61231 Bad Nauheim

The MEDIAN Klinik am Südpark is a modern and efficient rehabilitation clinic with the specialist departments of internal medicine/cardiology, psychosomatics and orthopaedics. With its premium area and the Kneipp-certified bathing area with modern Kneipp facilities, it supports the pillars of Kneipp therapy in Bad Nauheim. Furthermore, the clinic runs its own competence centre for health and medical fitness with extensive prevention programmes.

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