Relaxation in the nature

For those seeking peace and quiet, sports enthusiasts or picnickers - with us you will find your personal oasis of well-being in the countryside.


From any place in Bad Nauheim's city centre, the nearest green space can be reached on foot in a few minutes.

The various parks of the Kurpark, Südpark, Goldsteinpark, Waldpark and Rosengarten offer a very special variety, from which everyone can find their personal favourite place in the green.

siesmayer's masterpiece

Idyllic and spacious, the Historical Kurpark invites you to take long walks. Discover the old tree population on a botanical walk, take a boat trip on the Great Pond or play a round of miniature golf.
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More green oases

Südpark The Bad Nauheim Südpark is located in the direct vicinity of the Gradierbau II. A cool sea breeze blows towards visitors here in summer. The Ludwigsbrunnen (Ludwig's Fountain) is also located here, whose healing water is a successful refreshment for all walkers. Large meadows invite you to play frisbee, sunbathe or picnic. The water playground attracts especially the little visitors. From the adjoining café at the Ludwigsbrunnen, parents can wonderfully build their children sandcastles and supervise water sprays. The pretty half-timbered house, also known as the "Hexenhäuschen" (witches' cottage), is also a popular place to go for walks and health resort guests.
Goldsteinpark Of all the green spaces in Bad Nauheim you will find the greatest peace and quiet in Goldsteinpark. In the centre is the more than 100-year-old Goldstein Tower, from which you have a wide view over the city to Johannisberg. There are several circular paths leading past the park: for example, the Planetenwanderweg (planet hiking trail) is easy to reach from here. Also the 2.8 km long Terrainkur-Rundweg leads from the Gradierbau I over the Goldsteinpark and back. If you are on foot, you can take a break here. For families with children, the main attraction is the KIKS UP forest playground with an enchanted giant slide.
forest park The forest park was created between 1896 and 1905 and today there are three terrain trails suitable for hiking, jogging and Nordic walking. The 2.7 km long "Better Learning Path" also starts here. Those who are simply looking for relaxation will be impressed by the beautiful landscapes and the panoramic views as far as the Vogelsberg. The refuges and benches along the way invite you to stay and relax. The ski meadow forms the heart of the forest park. The recreation area impresses with its diverse flora and fauna. Translated with (free version)