Eine Mutter mit ihrer kleinen Tochter und ein Großvater mit seinem Enkel erkunden die blühende Kräuter und Blumen im Gesundheitsgarten. | © BNST GmbH

The experience for all senses

With its fragrances, shapes, colours and tastes, the health garden is a source of inspiration.

Health Garden

At Gradierbau II you will find exciting stations for sensual moments.

The Health Garden is located near the city centre directly next to the Gradierbau II. At interactive stations you can playfully experience new senses and strengthen your motor skills. Barefoot paths, humming stones, a herb garden or the partner swing are some of them. There are beach chairs around the graduation building for those who find happiness in rest and relaxation. Those who need exercise can use the fitness trail and the Kneipp facilities. This strengthens the cardiovascular system and exercises the muscles.

Have you heard?

The health garden and its experience stations reflect the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp. He was a priest and climbed into the cold Danube in winter. That was the beginning of Kneipp's way of life, which is based on five pillars:

  • Inner balance
  • Enjoyment
  • Herbs
  • Exercise
  • Water

Opening Hours

March to April: daily 10:00 to 18:00

May to August: daily 9:00 to 21:00

September: daily 9:00 to 19:00

October: daily 9:00 to 18:00

November to February: closed



61231 Bad Nauheim