Improve your ability to concentrate

Do you know of ear scrubbers, eye catchers or surveyors? These and other exercises in the forest park make you mentally fit.

Better Learning Path

Around the ski meadow in the forest park you can wiggle, rub and laugh during simple movement exercises!

Are you tense? This is not only manifested by complaints with simple movements, but also by a limited ability to remember and concentrate. The Better Learning Path provides a remedy.

Based on the concept of the Trimm-Dich-Pfad, the Better Learning Path lures you to the Bad Nauheim Forest Park. The flow of energy in the body is stimulated by simple exercises in nature.

These exercises not only have a positive effect on the physical well-being of children, adults and senior citizens. Especially the kinesiological exercises increase the retentiveness, improve the learning ability and concentration, promote creativity and train the memory. And along the way you will also release your tensions.

Worth knowing

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Total length of the Better Learning Path

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Distance between the individual stations

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Need for the path with exercises

overview of the stations

At each station you will find boards with detailed instructions for the exercises.

  • Jogger: For physical and mental alertness
  • Ear Scrubber: Hearing Activation
  • Calf expanders: Calf loosening and learning relaxation
  • Arm turners: earthing and centring
  • Eye Attentivator: Eye activation
  • Knee flexor: grounding sensation
  • Alarm clock: eye activation
  • Head twister: spinal mobility and learning
  • Arm extension: Writing looseness
  • Ear Acoustician: activation of balance
  • Schnaufer: concentration
  • Overview: Overview while learning
  • Jaw loosener: inner peace