Places of peace & full of happiness

Unique spa facilities let you quickly forget everyday life and ensure a quick recovery.

Spa Facilities & Places to Relax

Many places where you can relax and do something for yourself can be found in Bad Nauheim.

Take a deep breath at the graduation buildings, taste the healing water in the spring bar, enjoy our parks or become active in nature. Bad Nauheim's spa facilities are surrounded by green. What Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig zu Hessen near the Rhine once planned is timelessly beautiful. Art Nouveau buildings and parks complement each other wonderfully to create a special charm that has a relaxing effect.


We have over 100 kilometres of hiking, cycling and walking trails. Choose between two and 20 kilometres, field and forest paths, easy and difficult tours. Our cosy cafés and restaurants are located in the immediate vicinity of our parks and offer you almost everything culinary: delicious cakes, homemade chocolates, Hessian specialities or unusual creations.


An oasis of peace is the drinking cure facility. In the shade of the large, old trees you can admire the architecture or enjoy a spa concert. In any case you should visit the spring bar and taste our healing waters. If they really taste like "herring with liquorice", as Erich Kästner once wrote about the drinking springs, you will surely find out.


From March to October the brine trickles down the graduation buildings. When the light breaks in the water drops, the brushwood walls glisten and with a little luck a rainbow can be seen. A sea breeze blows around the buildings. The fresh air is healthy and has a positive effect on your respiratory system. This effect can be felt particularly intensively in the inhalatorium at Gradierbau I.

mineral springs

Bad Nauheim has a total of nine state-approved medicinal springs, including the most carbonated springs in Europe. The healing waters can be used for bathing or drinking cures.
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Terrain trails

On our terrain trails we invite you to train your cardiovascular system and strengthen your immune system. Three routes with different lengths and degrees of difficulty allow you to gradually increase your personal performance.
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