Getting the heart and circulation going

Run away from stress and get fit on our three balanced routes.

Terrain Trails

What is a terrain cure anyway? Behind the complicated word lies a simple principle, namely the combination of light movements over a long period of time under favourable climatic conditions in an attractive environment.

Terrain hiking or Nordic walking trains the heart and circulation, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and promotes health and relaxation. In Bad Nauheim, three different terrain cure paths invite you to discover. All three paths have been measured bioclimatically and physiologically and can be used under medical supervision with a minimum load or for jogging and walking. Due to the different lengths, gradients and degrees of difficulty of the routes, beginners and advanced runners can test and gradually increase their performance.

Starting point of all three running routes is the Gradierbau I at the municipal library. Here you will also find a large information board with detailed descriptions of the three routes and the respective altitude and performance profile. From there, the different coloured signposts will guide you to your desired routes. The signposts also provide information about the type of route, route number, degree of difficulty and remaining kilometres.

digital terrain trails

With the help of your smartphone you can now be guided along the terrain hiking trails. Simply call up our city map, select one of the terrain hiking trails in the Tours category and follow the route.