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The Bad Nauheim spa physicians will be happy to help you if you wish to take a cure in Bad Nauheim.

Spa Physicians

In addition to his function as a specialist or general practitioner, the spa physician has an additional qualification in balneology and climatology as well as at least one year of practical experience in the spa.

He is familiar with the exact mode of action of the site-specific spa remedies and draws up individual therapy plans. In addition to the anamnesis and a detailed examination, the spa physician draws up your individual preventive care plan at the beginning of treatment. This plan contains coordinated combinations of medical services, taking into account local and/or spa-specific remedies.

Spa physicians in Bad Nauheim

Dr. med. Martin Deinhart

Stresemannstraße 14
61231 Bad Nauheim

Petra Grün

Dipl. Kneippärztin
Bahnhofsallee 7
61231 Bad Nauheim

Dr. med. Christa Mulch-Wiemer

Allgemeinmedizin, Dipl. Kneippärztin, Ernährungsmedizin DAEM/ DGEM SP Diabetes, Fastenärztin Dr. Buchiger
Küchlerstraße 6
61231 Bad Nauheim

Dr. med. Lutz Ehnert

Inner Medizin, Naturheilverfahren, Dipl. Kneipparzt
Küchlerstraße 6
61231 Bad Nauheim

Dr. med. H.H. Kleinschmidt

Innere Medizin, Tauchmedizin
Küchlerstraße 6
61231 Bad Nauheim

Dr. med. Magnus Peil

Innere Medizin
Küchlerstraße 2
61231 Bad Nauheim

Dr. med. M. Graf von Matuschka

Allgemeinmedizin nur privat)
Küchlerstraße 12
61231 Bad Nauheim

Dr. med. Horst Koschel

Allgemeinmedizin, Dipl. Kneipparzt
Frankfurter Straße 35
61231 Bad Nauheim

Dr. med. Michael Rahn

Frankfurter Straße 36
61231 Bad Nauheim

interview mit spa and Kneipp physician dr. med. lutz ehnert

The natural remedy of Bad Nauheim is the brine. What is its mode of action?

The Bad Nauheim brine improves the cardiovascular circulation and lowers blood pressure. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes blood circulation. The brine is also used for rheumatic diseases and in the therapy of skin and lung diseases.

How can the brine be combined with Kneipp's teaching?

This can be excellently combined! Kneipp's water applications, which are not only administered as cold therapy, complement each other in their effect on the mobility and elasticity of the vascular system and the adaptation of the immune system, especially in spa treatments.

What does a "healthy day" in Bad Nauheim look like for you?

After breakfast I recommend a walk in the health garden. A cold arm bath will cheer you up for the day and will act like a second cup of coffee. Afterwards you can relax in the herb garden or visit the inhalatorium at the Gradierbau I. Before lunch you can use the terrain cure paths. Then a rest of at least one hour is recommended. After a light dinner, visit one of the Kneipp facilities to "tread water in the good Kneipp manner". This promotes physical and mental relaxation and contributes to a good night's sleep and a good night's rest.

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