Landing places for thoughts

In the sculpture park you will discover great art in the open air.

Sculpture Park

Embedded in the naturally beautiful landscape of the Johannisberg, the sculptor Gerhard Burk presents impressive large-scale sculptures by international artists. The park is open to artists for free work as well as interested visitors and offers them "landing places for thoughts".

The well over 100 large sculptures made of stone, metal and wood are located on an idyllic woodland at the foot of the Johannisberg and form a unique symbiosis of art and culture. With the founding of the park in the 1970s, the internationally renowned sculptor Gerhard Burk realised his wish to provide artists from all over the world with a platform for their work. For him, open exchange with both colleagues and visitors was important in order to present art in all its facets as "the most significant contribution to human existence". For artists from home and abroad, the Wiesenareal serves as a creative and "open workshop" for their work.

The Sculpture Park is considered a unique project in Germany and, together with the property standing there, a total work of art. The park is completely in the tradition of the Art Nouveau artists around the architect Wilhelm Jost, who had already created the most important cultural and historical monument of Bad Nauheim with the Sprudelhof at the beginning of the 20th century. The Art Nouveau villa in the centre of the sculpture park was also built in 1909 as a former parking attendant's house by Jost and still impressively underlines Gerhard Burk's motto: "Art is not a momentary favour". Today, the sculptor himself lives here, who also opens the meeting place to the public in summer.

The number of visitors reflects the interest in art: over 7,000 guests from all over the world visit the sculpture park every year and take part in the whole range of activities. These range from individual exhibitions and joint projects by international artists from various disciplines to guided tours and seminars.