Heaven on earth

Come close to our stars and planets during a walk through the city.

Observatory & Planet Walk

The Planet Walk with the observatory as its destination is a walk-through model of our solar system on a reduced scale. Walkers cover "galactic" distances here, because one step corresponds to a distance of 2.8 million km.

The approximately 2 km long path runs from the observation tower in Goldsteinpark across the city to the observatory on the Johannesberg and represents the distance from the sun to the planet Pluto. The path makes the dimension of our cosmic home "experienceable", or rather, walkable. Viewers, whether young or old, can clearly grasp the sizes and distances of the celestial bodies at a glance.

The trail combines scientific and artistic aspects: Along the way, sculptures symbolize the planets of our solar system. With the materials and forms used, the creator of the works of art, the sculptor Rainer Landgraf from Fulda, emphasizes the astronomical and mythological background of the celestial bodies. Thus, on the route, one encounters Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Co. and their Greek images of gods.

At the end of the tour, the historical observatory awaits you, which is located in a former church tower. From here, on clear nights, you can see as far as distant galaxies.