Monuments for important personalities

The cultivated small park is a place of peace and memory.

Historic Community Park

The former cemetery was built in 1802 and served as a burial place for over 4,000 deceased citizens and spa guests until 1902.

 After 1900 the area around the cemetery was increasingly built on. Pedestrians used the area as a passageway. From 1935 until the post-war years, some of the remaining gravesites and some well-preserved funerary monuments were rigorously cleared, the stones being used, among other things, to secure a fire pond in the north-west corner. The north and west walls fell and the road construction destroyed rows of graves. Playgrounds were created at various locations. Gradually, the Kerb spread from the market place via Mittelstraße to the Old Cemetery, which repeatedly led to citizen protests.

The erection of granite monument stones (stelae) in 2008, donated by citizens and companies to draw attention to important or interesting personalities of the town, limited the area of the Kerb and enhanced the green space.

Among others, Dr. Friedrich Bode (1811-1899), Bad Nauheim's first spa doctor from 1837, found his last resting place on the grounds of the Historic Citizens' Park. And the first local policeman Heinrich Klinkerfuß is also buried here. He went down in local history as "Serschande Heinrich" and on his daily patrol through the alleyways and ensured law and order.


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