Magnificent building for the medicinal springs

The drinking cure complex with the gold-plated spring bar is a tasteful oasis of peace and relaxation.

Drinking Cure Complex

The drinking cure complex is an impressive architectural heritage from the art historical period of the late 19th and early 20th century, the Art Nouveau. Even today you can stroll through the curved colonnades, taste the healing waters - and relax.

The drinking cure complex was planned by the architect Wilhelm Jost, just like the Sprudelhof. It consists of several colonnades, which lead around a large basin and an orchestra shell in the shape of a horseshoe. The jewel of the building ensemble is the octagonal spa fountain temple, which was elevated to the status of a "baptistery of healing water" with its spring socket.

The adjoining drinking hall is also reminiscent of an ancient thermal bath or early Christian church. The centrepiece of the drinking hall is the gilded spring bar, where healing water from three wells is still poured out and collected today.

The drinking cure complex is a vivid testimony to Bad Nauheim's history as a world spa. The impressive architecture pays tribute to the healing properties of the water through its lavish design and attention to detail. Not only the healing waters, but also the visually appealing ambience of the drinking hall was to make a decisive contribution to the well-being.

Today, the drinking cure complex is much more than the tasting of healing waters. Concerts, festivals and other events take place here throughout the year. Art can also be experienced in the "Galerie in der Trinkkuranlage". Exhibitions are regularly held there. Afterwards a good meal, a cup of coffee or a cocktail in the restaurant or bar is recommended.

Facts & Figures

0 years

The construction time was 2 years from 1910 to 1912 and the design of the drinking room is reminiscent of an ancient thermal bath and early Christian church architecture.


0 Corners

The cure well temple with a spring socket has 8 corners and was called the "baptisterium of the healing water" at that time.

0 Persons

Among the many illustrious and prominent guests, the Czarina also came to Bad Nauheim for a drinking cure in 1910 - with her court of 140 people.