Let the past comes alive

On tours with our guides you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about Bad Nauheim.

Event Tours

Exciting time travels, funny anecdotes and important facts about the spa town and its history are offered by our varied event tours.

The largest closed Art Nouveau ensemble in Europe, the unforgotten Elvis Presley or Bad Nauheim's eventful city history - the many different faces of the health city are explained in the various guided tours. For a special kind of time travel, the trained tour guides slip into different roles and bring history to life.

All public guided tours start at the Tourist Information and can be taken without prior registration. Folding lightweight wheelchairs can be borrowed free of charge at the Tourist Information. Feel free to contact us!

The following rules apply to the public tours, which comply with the current Corona regulations and at the same time offer our guests the greatest possible comfort:

  • Visits to the guided tours are possible with binding pre-registration. Registrations are accepted by telephone on +49 (0) 6032 92 992-0, by online booking, by e-mail to info@bad-nauheim.de or at the Tourist Information.

CLassic tours

Elvis - The King in Bad Nauheim

Elvis Presley lived in Bad Nauheim during his military service from 1958 to 1960. Follow his traces through the city and let yourself be taken on a journey into the 50s/60s.

Art Nouveau in Bad Nauheim

Learn more about this exciting era and discover where Art Nouveau can be found in Bad Nauheim. In addition to the town's landmark, Bad Nauheim has many other Art Nouveau buildings to offer, such as the Trinkkuranlage.

History of Bad Nauheim

Experience 2400 years of city history in 120 minutes: From the Celtic to the modern saltworks and the transformation of the former Söderdorf into a modern heart spa.

Guided hiking tour

The Wetterau is considered the granary of Hesse. There are many beautiful places to discover and trails to explore here. Our guides not only know the area like the back of their hand, but also have a few interesting facts up their sleeves here and there.

tours in Costume

Heinrich Siesmayer - A walk with the garden architect

Let the creator of the Bad Nauheim Kurpark Heinrich Siesmayer show you his work "in person". He will explain the basic principles of his garden design, tell personal anecdotes from his life and present one or the other botanical rarity depending on the season.

On tour with the night watchman

Wearing a medieval outfit with lantern and halberd, the night watchman's assistant tells of his life as a watchman in the night. Learn exciting stories and anecdotes from the nocturnal Bad Nauheim.

Chief Engineer Mrs. Stockfisch - Anecdotes of a female hotel owner from 1912

Chief engineer Wilhelmine Stockfisch takes you back to the time of art nouveau. She tells you about the joys and sorrows of a hotel owner at that time, gives you an insight into a bathhouse and also knows some of the secrets of the ladies of high society.

On tour with Serschande Heinrich

Police Sergeant Heinrich Klinkerfuß alias "Serschande Heinrich" takes you on his patrol through the old town and reports from his service from 1855 to 1872, during which he put a stop to many a rogue.

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