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A real experience - these are the words which describe the cultural opportunities in Bad Nauheim very well.

In addition to the many different series of events at which you can enjoy chamber concerts, symphony concerts, cabaret or even children's theatre, it is also the unique ambience in the city's various locations that makes the programmes an experience.

The major festivals and events always present the spa town as a very special place. The European Elvis Festival turns it into the stage for the King of Rock 'n' Roll, the Art Nouveau Festival recalls the time of the Belle Epoque and at the Rose Festival in the small suburb of Steinfurth, Germany's oldest rose village, every two years the Queen of Flowers is in the center.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the Rose Festival and the European Elvis Festival are cancelled this year and postponed to 2021.


Rose festival

In all even years Bad Nauheim's suburb Steinfurth celebrates the traditional Rose Festival in honour of the rose and welcomes guests from near and far.
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