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Steinfurth Rose Festival

During the rose parade thousands of spectators cheer for the colourful floats

In honour of the rose Steinfurth celebrates the traditional Rose Festival from 18th to 21st of July 2014.

Each even year Bads Nauheim’s district Steinfurth celebrates the traditional Rose Festival in honour of the rose, welcoming guests from near and afar. In Steinfurth, the oldest rose village in Germany, everything is about the prickly beauty. Here you can admire more than 100.000 roses in all colours, shapes and fragrances in the rose show. On the rose market you will be offered all that is necessary for the cultivation and care of the Queen of flowers. The highlight is the rose parade with its magnificent floats. Not to forget is the unique Rose Museum which presents the art and cultural history of the rose in an illustrative way.

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