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Famous Visitors

Bad Nauheim attracted many famous visitors in the course of history. The emerging spa town became a meeting place of European aristocracy. The American nobility, too, was seeking health through the bubbling springs. After the visit of the Austrian, Russian and German Empresses, the press called Bad Nauheim the “Drei-Kaiserinnen-Bad” (The Spa of the three Empresses). As a result, the spa town attracted many artists, musicians, actors, painters, authors and politicians.

1958 Henry de Pène, Parisian journalist
1859 Otto von Bismarck, first German Chancellor
1871 Alfred Krupp, Rhenish steel manufacturer
1888 Wilhelm Steinhausen, painter
1891 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who later became President of the United States
1892 Mark Twain, author
1898 Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Hungary (Sisi)
1900 Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria
1902 Emil von Behring, scientist, Nobel Prize winner
1904 Karl May, author
1907 Richard Strauß, composer
1908 August Bebel, party leader of the SPD, member of the Reichstag
1910 Tsarina Alexandra Feodorowna of Russia
1912 Auguste Viktoria German Empress and Queen of Prussia
1916 Princess Louise Sophie and Friedrich Leopold of Prussia
1920 Albert Einstein, physicist and Nobel Prize winner
1920 Gustav Oberlaender
1923 Edvard Munch, Norwegian painter and printmaker
1923 Emil Nolde, Danish painter
1925 Hans Albers, actor
1926 Rabindranath Tagore, Indian philosopher and poet
1930 Erich Kästner, author
1930 Fritz Kreisler, violinist and composer
1931 William Randolph Hearst, American publisher
1931 Marion Davies, American actress
1931 Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
1931 Lilian Gish, American actress
1935 Hu Han Min, Prime Minister of China
1936 Johannes Heesters, actor and singer
1939 Lili von Braunbehrens, poet
1942 Hans Carossa, poet
1943 Hans Pfitzner, composer
1945 George S. Patton, general of the US- Army
1949 Agnes Miegel, poet
1951 Ludwig Manfred Lommel
1952 Prince Abdullah Al Feisal of Saudi-Arabia
1953 Heinz Rühmann, actor
1954 Arthur Honegger, composer
1958 Elvis Aron Presley
1958 Marika Rökk, dancer and actress
1959 King Ibn Saud I of Saudi-Arabia
1959 Sepp Herberger, coach of the German national football team
1960 Muhammad Anwar Al Sadat, politician and winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace
1960 Rosita Serrano, Chilean singer
1960 Abdullah Ben Abdulaziz Al Twaigri, Vice President of the political bureau of Saudi-Arabia
1961 Hamani Diori, President of the Republic of Niger
1961 General Pertev Pascha, Turkey
1961 Hildegard Knef, actress
1961 Dr. Gottlieb Heinrich Heer (1940 Winner of the Conrad-Ferdinand-Meyer-Prize)
1962 Prince Mohamed Ben S.A. Al-Hussein, Yemen
1963 Sheikh Abdurrahman Saif Azad, Teheran
1964 Franz Beckenbauer, “Fußball-Kaiser“ (Football-Emperor)
1965 Prof. Dr. Bruno Kisch, New York, physiologist (co-founder of the German Society for Circulation Research)
1966 Viktoria Luise Duchess of Brunswick and Lüneburg, Princess of Prussia
1969 The parents of Hans und Sophie Scholl who were members of a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany
1971 Dieter Borsche, actor
1972 Zarah Leander, singer and actress
1977 Margaret Princess of Hesse and by Rhine
1979 Peter Maffay
1983 Otto Waalkes, comedian
1985 Prof. Konrad Zuse, inventor of the computer
1990 Alice and Ellen Kessler, dancers
1996 Robert Gernhardt, author and caricaturist

Even in the “New Millenium“, Bad Nauheim attracts famous personalities from nobility, politics, arts, sports, church and other areas of public life.

We are sure the list will continue for many years to come.

2000 Jessica Wahls, singer of the group "No Angels"
2000 Smokie, British Pop-Band
2000 Scotty Moore, musician (Elvis-guitarist)
2001 Michael Schumacher, racing driver and multiple Formula-1 world champion
2001 Lu Chen, Chinese ice skating world champion
2002 Udo Lattek, football coach
2002 Donna Presley Early, cousin of Elvis Presley
2003 Marcel Reich- Ranicki, literary critic
2003 Dieter Nuhr, cabaret artist
2004 Ralf Schumacher, Formula-1 racing driver
2004 Roland Koch, Hessian Minister President
2005 Togbui N. O. K. Cephas Bansah, African King
2005 Hincal Uluc, Turkish journalist
2005 Michel Friedmann, politician and TV presenter
2006 Prince Sultan Bin Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz National Football Team of Saudi-Arabia
2006 Fabian Hambüchen, gymnast
2006 Hans Dietrich Genscher, politician Barbara Genscher, patron of the German Heart Foundation
2007 Günter Lamprecht, actor
2007 No Angels, Popstars/ Girlband
2007 Chris de Burgh, singer
2008 Dr. Gabriele Krone-Schmalz, journalist
2008 Karl Kardinal Lehmann
2008 Football team "Al Ain" from Abu Dhabi
2008 Richard von Weizsäcker, former Federal President
2008 Charity-Gala at the Dolce
2009 Ulrich Wickert, journalist and author
2009 Stefanie Zweig, German writer and book author
2009 Jörg Roßkopf, table tennis world champion
2009 Daniel Schuhmacher, DSDS - singer
2009 Roger Willemsen, author, journalist and TV presenter
2010 State Garden Show Bad Nauheim
2010 "Die Prinzen", German music group
2010 Jürgen von der Lippe, entertainer, comedian, presenter
2011 Peter Weck, actor, director
2011 Erika Pluhar, actress, singer, author

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